How to downgrade your competitor in the SERP, or why Google promotion does not guarantee anything?

The beginning

Tagging and first promising results

The graph shows the growth of site positions for keywords related to the page content
According to this graph, there is a direct correlation, but the growth of the site’s position is not directly related to the growth of the Bitcoin exchange rate

An unexpected rollback

The punchline

Actions to be taken

  • Looking ahead: Google abuse reports work, but they don’t give the results we need. You can totally block these sites, but the page positions will not be restored.
  • It is useless to write to hosters of such sites, as doorways have complaint-resistant hosting services that ignore any complaints.
  • Usually free domains are used (see the examples above), so it makes no sense to write to domain registrars.



The content of the highlighted websites of competitors was not plagiarized.



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